Beef Jerky vs. Turkey Jerky: Why is Beef so much better?

Beef jerky is a hugely popular and well-loved meat product. However, several types of meat, such as the turkey jerky, are being produced and are also gaining favour among consumers. While both of the beef jerky and turkey jerky have low fat content and serve as a delightful treat for your loved ones, they still possess certain differences that make you prefer one meat type over the other. What are these differences? Read on below.

  • Nutritional value

The number one consideration most consumers take into account when it comes to choosing between beef jerky and turkey jerky is their nutritional value. Beef jerky is considered to be more suitable for those who want to lead a healthier lifestyle. Meat from poultry is easier to digest and contains a lower amount of fat. However, it contains a higher amount of cholesterol, carbohydrates, sugar, and calories as compared to beef jerky. They both have relatively high sodium content.

  • Quality of meat

Beef jerky is known to be a bit chewier compared to turkey jerky. On a scale of 1 to 10, beef jerky is rated 3 while turkey jerky is at 4-5. You will have a harder time chowing down turkey jerky. Beef jerky is also juicier compared to turkey jerky, so you will keep coming back for more of this tasty meat. The preparation of beef jerky is also more thorough because the preparation time is longer and is usually done in smaller groups.

  • Price

Both beef jerky and turkey jerky are high-end items on your weekend grocery list. However, beef jerky is relatively less expensive as compared to turkey jerky. This is due to the fact that it will require more turkey to be able to produce the same amount of lean meat as compared to beef. Buying beef jerky is also more practical because the companies who produce it have the tendency to have the beef jerky cut into larger pieces.

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