Best Beef Cuts: Most Juicy Parts of the Cow

Cows have long been a chef’s best friend. They have the tender and juicy selections of meat cuts you can choose from. Beef has always been a dining favourite and for good reasons. For one, you can do a lot of things with it. You can barbecue it, roast it, smoke it, grill it, and even simply sauté it.

1. Tenderloin

Also referred to as filet mignon, this lean and compact beef cut is one of the most tender beef cuts compared to the other steaks. It is a perfect choice to pair with wine and an evening of laughter with loved ones. It is especially good when slow-roasted with a deep marinade of herbs. The combination of that with fat and the meat’s juice produces a mild buttery flavour.

2. Top Loin

Simply referred to as “strip”, this fine-grained beef cut is not only juicy, but it also contains small deposits of fat around it. Although there is no large deposit of fat, it’s enough to give your dish some flavour and flare without having to worry about flare-ups.

3. T-Bone

Probably the easiest to recognise, the T-bone beef cut is notable for the T-shaped bone located in the middle of the embrace of succulent top loin and tenderloin meat. Because of this, the T-bone presents both the mild and buttery taste of the tenderloin and the juiciness of the strip steak or top loin.

4. Ribeye

Ribeye comes in two variants, bone-in or boneless. It contains large pockets of fat which makes it perfect for grilling, pan searing, and broiling. Its high fat content makes it much beefier and much more flavourful. This type of beef cut is most notable for the middle section having a finer grain while the outer layer or section is more fatty, which is what makes it juicier. The ribeye is basically a rib that’s roast cut down into individual steaks.

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